New Mexico State Council, Vietnam Veterans of America
The Right Choice *Chartered by the Congress of the United States*
Agenda & Minutes
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NMSC By-Laws
VVA Principles
VVA Goals
VVA Core Values
Chapter Startup Guide
Recruitment & Retention
TAX 990N Information
Never Forget Vietnam ( PDF, 30.2KB )
To acquire any of desired information on the Coffelt Database Below ( PDF, 132.5KB )
Application process for new Veterans ID Card ( PDF, 654.2KB )
GUARDIAN NEWSLETTER (Part 1_Dec 2017) ( PDF, 1.4MB )
GUARDIAN NEWSLETTER (Part 2_Dec 2017) ( PDF, 1.7MB )
GUARDIAN NEWSLETTER (Part 3_Dec 2017) ( PDF, 1007.9KB )
GUARDIAN NEWSLETTER (Part 4_Dec 2017) ( PDF, 313.3KB )
Have You Seen the New My HealtheVet ( PDF, 195.7KB )
A Region 9 Disciplinary Committee ( PDF, 55.1KB )
Purple Heart Recipients to be Honored at Special Santa Fe Ceremony ( PDF, 89.8KB )
Service Members, Veterans, and the Technical Assistance Centers ( PDF, 446.1KB )
If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps was played ( PDF, 29.6KB )
Women in Armed Forces Flyer.Blink Films ( PDF, 195.7KB )

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