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Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) was established as an organization to help and assist the Vietnam Veterans of America, the veterans of all eras, their families and others. AVVA is a tax-exempt, tax deductible 501 (c) 4 organization. The membership consists of two classes: (1) Regular Members that are limited to families of VVA members, friends of VVA and other veterans not eligible for membership in VVA who wish to further the exempt purposes of both VVA and AVVA, and (2) Other Membership which is limited to individuals who qualify and are eligible for membership in VVA.

AVVA was formed in 1999 and is structured as a national organization with chapters and state councils. However, their membership is affiliated with all levels of VVA working side by side to enhance the betterment of all veterans, their families and others. Members are encouraged to participate and get involved with the activities and efforts of their affiliated VVA chapters and state councils. The expertise and leadership provided by the members of AVVA can be utilized in many areas. These areas cover a broad range inclusive of providing refreshments at meetings, fundraising, legislative efforts and the list goes on. They have varied interests and should be encouraged to use these interests within the AVVA and VVA organizations. At the 1999 VVA convention, a resolution was passed, which state, "Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., at the National Convention in Anaheim, California, August 10-15, 1999, supports, AVVA at all levels in VVA, the active involvement and input of family." Who better than AVVA should join in these efforts?

AVVA dues are the same as VVA...$20.00 for an annual membership. AVVA members receive a member card showing affiliation with their VVA chapter. Three-year memberships and life membership options are the same costs as in VVA. Members in AVVA are designated as ASC on the membership roster. Other classifications are similar to those of VVA with changes to "A" designating AVVA member. Veterans who are incarcerated in a federal or state penitentiary, and served in the U.S. Armed Forces and not eligible to join VVA, may join AVVA. Veterans in this category are identified as IVA.

AVVA members can attend their affiliated chapter and state council meetings. They can be Special Advisors to all committees (except Nominating Committee) within all levels of VVA, but may not be committee chairpersons. The VVA constitution mandates seating an AVVA representative at the National and State level and should seat at the Chapter levels, as a non-voting Special Advisor to their respective Board of Directors. Please refer to VVA Constitution and AVVA By-laws for guidance and direction.

Vietnam Veterans of America strongly supports the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America. They invite all families and friends to join them in their efforts to remain "Together Always"

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