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Core Values

Advocacy - We are committed to unrelenting advocacy for fairness in the treatment of veterans so that never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.

Meaningful Achievement - We want to make a difference, focusing on issues that stand as critical barriers to a fulfilling life for veterans and all Americans.

Integrity - We tell the truth and take responsibility.

Compassion - We care about comrades and others in need.

Camaraderie - We support each other and feel we're all members of one family.

Vision & Mission Statements

Vision - We are leading the challenge to do what is right for America and its veterans.

Mission - Using the shared vision of our membership, we aggressively advocate issues important to veterans; provide programs and services that improve the well-being of all veterans and their families; and serve our communities.


We want to recognize and thank VVA members and Leaders who have contributed, offered encouragement and provided inspiration during the revision of this Chapter Start up Guide.

A positive, proactive attitude is essential during the initial "forming" process of any chapter and must be carried forward during the ongoing operation of the chapter. Chapter organizers must be prepared to lead, be willing to work as a team, and be eager to learn and share.

"Welcome Home!"

"Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another" is the credo of Vietnam Veterans of America. VVA recognizes the contributions and sacrifices of men and women in uniform. That is why we pledge to be a positive force as we work to educate future generations in hopes that the tragedies of Vietnam will never be forgotten.......nor repeated.

Men and women who served during Vietnam performed their duties with dignity and honor. Yet many returned home to scorn and ridicule. They had nowhere to turn. As veterans, they were frustrated and angry over:

  • A failed national policy.
  • The public demonstration of disrespect and abuse for men and women who served in uniform under this nation's flag.
  • No one was listening to the concerns or meeting the needs of Vietnam-era veterans.

National Veterans service organizations were of little help. The government ignored pleas from Vietnam vets who needed help. The destiny of Vietnam-era veterans was in their own hands....and they decided to do something about it. Vietnam-era veterans joined together. In 1978, VVA was born...Welcome to the beginning of an exciting, rewarding experience. Welcome to Vietnam Veterans of America!

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